Check blood sugar with no pain.

A lancing device with vacuum and depth control.
No more squeezing.

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Over 10,000 people with diabetes of all ages around the world use Genteel. Their satisfaction is our top priority.

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Back Guarantee

Every Genteel lancing device is covered by our iron-clad 120-Day Money Back Guarantee. You’re making a good investment. 

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Speak to our live customer service agents who can give you troubleshooting guidance and answer any questions you have. 

Use Your Own
Test Meter & Strips

Keep using your existing blood glucose meter and test strips. Genteel works with many square-shaft MediSure lancets commonly available, and all test strips and meters.

Problems Solved

The Genteel® Lancing Device uses it’s Butterfly Touch Technology® to get the perfect drop of test blood with reduced pain and discomfort.


Fingers become pincushions when pricking multiple times a day, and leaves them sore, swollen, and sensitive. Give fingers a break using vacuum and depth control and prick the palm (matches finger readings).


Squeezing fingers to get enough blood increases the probability of red blood cell damage (hemolysis), and the pain of bruising (hematoma). With it’s vacuum, Genteel brings blood to the surface and forms the perfect drop. Squeezing is a thing of the past.


Agonizing over whether or not to check blood sugar levels because of a fear of needles hinders checking regularly. Teach the mind to reinterpret needle-phobia (trypanophobia) as you successfully get blood without the sting of the lancet pricking your skin. Fear of needles no longer needs to be a barrier for checking BG levels.


Kids often get woken up from much needed sleep when parents have to prick their fingers at night. Without the pain of the fingerstick, kids can sleep soundly through BG checks at night.


Typical lancing devices often touch pain nerves and multiple pricks are often required to get enough blood. By controlling how far the lancet goes into your skin, and then using vacuum to get the perfect drop, you can start testing without pain.


Often times people skip checking their blood sugar due to the pain of finger pricks. Remove the obstacles of pain and trauma and start checking blood sugar levels as your doctor prescribes.


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What’s Included:
  • 6 Contact Tips
  • 2 Nozzles
  • Decorative Stickers


$129.00 CAD

genteel device

What is included in Each Kit

6 Contact Tips

Comes in 6 different colors and thicknesses, from #1 Blue (most shallow penetration) to #6 Violet (deepest penetration).


Medical-grade transparent nozzles that Contact Tips attach to. See the blood drop form through the nozzle to get the perfect drop every time.

Decorative Stickers

The included sticker sheet is both creative and colourful, allowing you to personalize Genteel with a large selection of hero figures, rainbows, butterflies, motivational slogans, colourful lettering to spell a name, and a choice of a floral or dinosaur wrap.

How Genteel Draws Blood Without Pain

With its patented Butterfly Touch Technology®, the Genteel® Lancing Device gets test blood from anywhere on the body without pain. Using vacuum, vibration, and depth control, the perfect drop of blood can be drawn, even from the shallowest test site. The lancet only reaches blood capillaries and avoids hitting pain nerves altogether.

"I don’t feel anything and little kids wouldn’t either."


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