Genteel Lancing Devices in a Variety of Colours

A New Way to Test Your Blood Sugar Levels, Without the Cost

Many diabetics are all too familiar with the fingertip pain that comes from testing your blood sugar daily. To add to the stress, regular testing can come with a price tag. Diabetes management already comes with certain stress and responsibility, why should any additional worry or costs be added on?

With the Genteel Lancing Device, these worries can become a thing of the past. The Genteel provides an easy and pain-free approach to testing blood sugar regularly, without a high price tag.

What is a Lancing Device?

If you have a recent diabetes diagnosis and are now testing your sugar levels daily, you will need to use a lancing device. This is a tool tests the levels of sugar in your blood by extracting a droplet.

Some diabetics have trouble maintaining their glucose levels, which can pose a risk to their health and wellness if they become to high or low. That’s why regular testing and monitoring is extremely important.

The Genteel is Easy-to-Use

The Genteel is a modern lancing device that can be useful to diabetics. This product provides painless blood sugar testing that is easy to use.

Steps to Using the Genteel

  1. Insert a clean unused lancet into the top of the Genteel device
  2. Find a place on your body that feels most comfortable and press the button
  3. Review your results and maintain your levels accordingly

It’s as simple as that! Not to mention that the Genteel is compatible with any glucose meter and test strips.

The Genteel is Pain-Free

The best part about this device is that it really is pain-free. With their butterfly lancets, and precise puncturing depth, you can barely feel it. Plus, the suction design that extracts the blood prevents the need to constantly squeeze your skin.

The Genteel is a More Affordable Option

While you may be able to find cheaper lancing devices online, none of them compare to what the Genteel has to offer. It’s also hard to be sure that the lower-cost alternative brands are trustworthy. The Genteel has a wide range of amazing reviews and plenty of verified information and statistics to prove both the quality and effectiveness. Also, you would be paying the same price if not more for other reputable brands that don’t even offer all the same perks that the Genteel does.

Skip the hassle of searching for the best quality modern lancing device for diabetics at the most affordable price, with help from MyGenteel.

Managing Your Diabetes with MyGenteel

If you are looking for a painless diabetic testing device, consider a lancet from MyGenteel today. We offer a free gift at sign-up on top of the already unbeatable prices. For more information about the Genteel, contact us today or browse through the rest of our website. For helpful tips, tricks and information about living with diabetes and diabetes management, you may want to take a look at the other articles in our blog.

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