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The average annual cost for those with diabetes is three times than those without the condition and rising. By using the Genteel® Lancing Device, patients with diabetes can eliminate the most common barriers to self-care that often reduce their health outcomes and increase healthcare costs. Health insurance providers can decrease hospitalizations and reduce long-term per patient medical costs, while improving patient satisfaction by providing another tool for adequate self-care.

The Rising Cost Of Diabetes

The economic burden of diabetes in Canada is expected to be about $12.2 billion in 2010, measured in inflation- adjusted 2005 dollars. This is an increase of $5.9 billion or nearly double its level in 2000. The cost of the disease is expected to rise by another $4.7 billion by 2020. The average costs across jurisdictions for people with diabetes, in most cases, is >3% of income or >$1,500 for diabetes medications, devices and supplies – the threshold recommended by the Kirby and Romanow Commissions respectively to receive coverage for catastrophic drug costs. In many circumstances, people with diabetes pay far above these thresholds. ( -publications)

Encouraging Patient Self-Care

Clinical studies reveal that when patients check their blood glucose more often, their A1C number improves. With Genteel, you can overcome the most common barriers for regular blood glucose testing and help patients achieve a healthy A1C number. Proper diabetes self-management is essential when striving to lower a patient’s A1C number to reduce their risk of health complications, and increase quality of life.

Why Don’t Patients Test More?

Many patients have difficulty maintaining good glycemic control, despite their best intentions and direct instructions from their physician. Whether they have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, young or old, common barriers to care for regular testing include:

  • The pain of a fingerstick
  • Bruising from squeezing test site
  • Calloused fingers from long-term testing
  • Fear of needles

By minimizing these barriers to care, physicians reduce patient burnout, improve testing motivation and compliance, and enhance their patient outcomes.


How Genteel Helps

The Genteel® Lancing Device is a long awaited innovation for patient self-care and management of diabetes. Genteel draws a drop of blood from anywhere on the body, without the pain experienced with typical lancing devices. Pain nerves are avoided by controlling the depth of lancet penetration, with the use of Genteel’s patented contact tips. A vacuum then draws the necessary blood droplet for testing.

Reducing The Cost Of Care

The Genteel® Lancing Device can play an integral part towards reducing patient population cost of care for those with diabetes, keeping patients compliant and avoiding complications. When patients maintain or achieve a healthy A1C number aided by frequent glycemic testing, they can improve their outcomes that will assist reaching quality measure targets and reducing long-term cost.

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