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Painless and Easy to Use

We were kindly provided with a Genteel by MediSure Canada in exchange for an honest review of the product. My 7 year old son was recently diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. After just a few months he was already getting callouses on his fingers and constantly needing Band-Aids on his fingertips after testing. We were excited to try the Genteel to see if it would help.

We received our Genteel very quickly in the mail. It came with an instruction booklet, 2 nozzles, 6 different contact tips as well as some fun stickers to decorate it. I focused on the instructions. My son focused on the stickers. My son was a bit nervous the first few times because the Genteel is a bit louder than a regular finger tester. It took a couple times to get it right as there are several steps to prepare then test properly. We found it very easy to use once we figured it out and settled on the blue contact tip for him to use on his forearm or yellow to use above his knee. We still use his fingers if we suspect a low or to confirm a low as we found that for him there can be a little variation for alternate sites sometimes.

We really like the Genteel. I was hoping that the Genteel would indeed give his fingers a break. It has done that and much more. It really doesn’t hurt him to test with it. No more fighting with a half asleep grumpy pants in the middle of the night for a finger to test. I just use his arm or shoulder and he stays asleep. It has also just made testing easier. We got it just before a vacation road trip and I didn’t have to worry about him having clean hands for testing on the road. I just got him to test above his knee. Same thing at the beach I don’t have to try and clean grubby sandy hands I just find a clean spot under his shirt to test. I find that it is quite sturdy and well made having already survived several drops to the floor. It also fits the other lancets that we have and works well with them.

I would totally recommend the Genteel. I think it is well worth it to make frequent blood sugar testing for a kid with T1D a little easier.

-Abigail N. Mom of an Awesome Kid with T1D from New Brunswick

"I don’t feel anything and little kids wouldn’t either"

I don’t feel anything and little kids wouldn’t either. This is Gretchen from TypeOneTypeHappy. I just want to show you real quick one of new favorite lancing devices - the Genteel. First of all, the best part about it is that you can customize it! I chose pink, and you can put all these cool stickers on it! They give you a whole set that you can choose from. And it just makes diabetes just a little more fun. The best thing about it is that it is a pain-free lancing device; so it doesn't hurt. Unlike my normal lancing device where you prick from your finger. And mine are all scabbed up and they hurt. You can decide to test from any body part with this. My favorite spot is the palm of my hand and I'll show you real quick how it's done. And the blood forms a little droplet and when you have enough.... you take it and you test it! That's it! Awesome! I'd check into the Genteel. It's one of my favorites, and when you even look at it makes you pretty happy!

"If your fingers are sore, buy Genteel"

If your fingers are sore, buy Genteel My name is Ellie and I'm the diabetic sister. I have to test my blood sugar 11 or more times a day. I only have 20 spots to test. So you bet my fingers get sore sometimes. They get so sore that I can barely feel anything. You know you have a sore finger when you have tiny brown dots and they're supposed to be white. So you're probably saying: "Oh no! What can I do?! Is there a way to fix it?!" Well you're in luck! There is a device that pricks your fingers, it is called Genteel. It's so great that I found how to do it all by myself. So, diabetics... If your fingers are sore, buy Genteel; and I'll show you how it works. You open the case... You take off the cap... They have stickers to decorate it. So you just take this little purple thing off. Then you want to make sure that you get a new one because you don't want to put bacteria, the bad kind into your fingers. You want to make sure that you have a clean finger or palm because you don't want to get bad bacteria. So I'm just putting this strip in. And they let you decorate your Genteel, I chose to do it; I wrote my full name. So I'm going to show you how it works. You clean the spot where you want it. I want it on my little palm. You push this in... You hold it... And you want to do it with one of these on. The blue one is a 1, that's what I do it on. So you hold it for 2-5 seconds. So I did that. I applied the blood and... 3... 2... 1... Ooh, I'm high. So that's how Genteel works. Thank you for watching! Bye!

"If you don’t like the pain, then get this"

If you don’t like the pain, then get this. Hello, my name is Ethan and today I want to show you this cool little device called the Genteel lancing device. It's different than other lancing devices actually, uh you know because you always have to use your fingers. It doesn't feel too good. I play guitar, so it really really hurts when I play guitar. So I'll hit the little holes it doesn't feel too good. I recently just bought this and it's supposed to be painless. I just want to show you guys kinda how to work it to be honest it's painless. But you don't have to use it on your fingers. You can use it on your arm. You can use it on your your knee actually which I'll show you. I haven't tried it on other areas yet. What you do is click this in, of course I have the lancet in there already. And also, you don't have to squeeze the area because it uses a vacuum, which on the button there's a hole. You hold it down and it makes the blood come up which, you know, makes it painless. I'm using the blue tip- the default tip - it's the softest tip. So I'm going to put it right on my leg, right alittle before my knee. Press it, and hold it there. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. There's the blood. Gotta get my meter going... Yep, enough blood and everything. It's really cool. It's like very unexpected. But yeah, it's $120 and I definitely feel like it's worth it. So if you don't like the pain, then get this because it definitely works.

"He wasn’t testing… Now he tests all the time!"

He wasn’t testing… Now he tests all the time! So, I got my boyfriend a Genteel prob over a year ago and it's been such a game changer! He wasn't testing like he should be because it made his fingers sore and he works with his hands for a living. Now he tests all the time! And I can test him at night while he's sleeping if he was running a little low before bed. Not to be dramatic, but it's changed both of our lives!

"Tries Genteel for the first time!"  

Batman using his new Genteel device

She’s already trying to check her own BGs

My 14 month old loves the pop sound the Genteel makes. She's already trying to check her own BGs. But mummy loves it because I can test my daughters palms. Her tiny fingers are just too small. Diagnosed at 5 months old we used the heels at first but now I can use the Genteel and test her hands.

Makes blood testing completely painless for her

We use the Genteel to test our diabetic rescue pup Abby. Shes been diabetic for a yr on Jan 6. Using the Genteel makes the blood testing completely painless for her. We are so grateful for that.

He is so cute when it comes time to test

Liam will be 2 at the end of April and hit his 1 year Diaversary in May. He is so cute when it comes time to test. As you can see, he still assumes it's going to hurt. He picks his spot, I ask him if he is ready, he says yes and I hit the button. He jumps at the sound of it, but then bursts into giggles every time!

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